Comfort Zone

Mission Statement Comfort Zone

Washington County Consumer Council Inc, or known Affectionately as Comfort Zone, is a peer-to-pear drop-in center dedicated to providing residents of washington county living with a mental health diagnosis is a safe place to build a community where they can share a nutritious meal and recreation such as arts and crafts, Movies, games and outings, in which they can pursue in which they can pursue personal growth and self-acceptance.

History Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone began in 1989 with just two people who were receiving services with the same mental health organization , getting together to do things. these two invited others living with mental health challenges to join them and soon they enough people participating to hold their first event. This first event was a dance held in a church basement with a donated cake as the refreshment. For many years Comfort Zone was able to operate due only to the kindness of community partnerships and donations.